Management of Solid Waste

Both Jinja and Skellefteå have a problem with solid waste littering the streets and the overall objective of this project is to reduce the amount of solid waste littering the streets in Jinja & Skellefteå.

This will be addressed through three components: 

  • comparison of rules and regulations for management of solid waste
  • the process of managing the solid waste (sorting the waste etc.).
  • sensitizing for behaviour change by the public on management of solid waste.

The main activities are study visits, discussions on possible improvements, participating in and organising awareness activities and workshops with youth, politicians and technical staff on these issues. Expected results are a reduction of costs for waste management, through better methods and procedures being implemented (in Jinja) and less litter on the streets (in Jinja & Skellefteå). Also improved awareness on waste management issues (i.e less littering) and improved methods for awareness/behaviour change are expected results.