Local economic development through sustainable forestry

Bräcke municipality finished the inception phase in February 2009 and agreed to apply for a project about developing forestry in Ivacevichi, to build networks between representatives for the forestry in both municipalities and also exchange experiences of administrations with the aim to develop local government and self-government.

The purpose of this project is to bring the two forestry industries together for a mutual co-operation. The plans are that the project will go on for one year and the aim is to establish fruitful solid networks between the forest industries in the two municipalities, to introduce environment friendly technique for forestry in Ivacevichi and to identify other possible potential fields for co-operation in the future.

In the long run, this co-operation will help the forest industry in both municipalities to strengthen their ability to compete on an international market, and also to vitalize the labour markets in the two municipalities. Within the ongoing projects there will also be time to learn about how Bräcke municipality handles questions about trade and industry from a democratic citizen’s point of view.