HAI Tourism – Development Center 2

Tanzania is one of Africa’s largest tourist countries with many years of experience, where some parts of the country is far beyond Sweden in development regarding tourism. Though, Hai district is for the moment not contributing to the strong tourism industry in Tanzania, and is mostly used as a passage for tourists aiming for other destinations (nearby Hai). 

The aim of this project is to increase the tourism industry generating better economic conditions for the local population. Increased job opportunities and high quality of the tourist attractions will in turn gain a stronger local economy. It is of importance to focus on the local establishment for those whom it concern and is affected by the changes occurring automatically. By affecting the development from “bottom and up” politicians and delegates will be engaged and have good insight in the ongoing work at all levels, which in turn will increase the throughput of the tourism development.

The Masai people have a small scale tourism sector where they mainly sell handcrafts, still they are in great need of tourism for their economic stability. Providing the Masai people with competent support and guidance will eventually increase their business and economy. Reduced poverty will in long term increase impact, preferences and social security of the citizens. The closeness to KIA affects all levels in society which in long term will involve the whole community. A local growth plan of the tourism industry and an established network among the different