Green and Clean Bay Area in Palu

Palu is undergoing, similar to many cities in Asia and Indonesia in particular, a very clear trend of urbanization. The city’s population is increasing very rapidly and within 10 years it is estimated to have increased from 400,000 to 500,000 inhabitants. The sanitary conditions do not develop at the same rate as well as the living conditions of the city’s population. Another trend is that the number of cars and motorcycles is growing even faster when more people are better off financially.

A necessity is to work with sustainable urban planning in order to meet the demands of development but at the same time reduce the impact on the environment, in this case the Bay area, the city’s living room and parlor.

Palu have a global vision of becoming green and clean, this project shall apply to a part of the city by the bay area with the support of The Symbio City Approach The project aims to support Palu in efforts to improve the Bay area and develop good example for other parts of the city and, not least, to show that it is possible to change an area’s status by using the Symbio City Approach.