Family Centre for Children’s Rights

Overall objective is to develop activities to reduce child mortality and child poverty and thus increase the life expectancy in Ukraine and Lithuania.

Co-ordination of existing resources are prioritized and parenting means that both mother and father involvement. The target is connected to the CRC that describes the child’s right to safety, respect and secure childhood. Family Centre as tools means that more children in families at risk can be detected early, women who are at risk of abuse, assault or other complications can get support and help early in a pregnancy, and to some extent protected against intimidation and beatings if necessary. If more children can be taken care of by the parents themselves, they will orphanages who are ready to receive all who need to be placed where home conditions become too bad for the child to be left behind.

This means that no child “left over” to be used for slave labor, prostitution or sent off to richer countries, never to be found again. The welfare benefit it means that the population can grow up with a good health and safety is huge, but this is not a country built and developed. In Kamjanec Podolskiy we aim to prevent the child must be disposed of to the parents for some reason can not take care of it. A reduction of disposal over the long term will be 50% thanks to running the business in the family center form and preventive activities (here, official figures compared to “real” and it should be done on the spot if possible).