Sjuhärad and Da Nang, Vietnam

Project: Making Da Nang an Environmental City

Globally targets and agreement are developed without clear instruction on how to strategically implement and measure the improvements. The consequence is that for example Agenda 2030 is not fully implemented in the local context. There is a need to increase the understanding and knowledge on how to strategically implement and measure sustainable development in the daily planning process in order to show and report improvement.

The project will affect to the decision makers’ mind and concept about sustainable development and environment in this period, which is very important due to Da Nang is under the process of adjusting its master plan by 2030 with the vision toward 2045.

The challenges need to be addressed holistically in both countries in order for decisions and strategies to be based on sustainability. For both our communities, it is crucial that we get clear directives from our politicians about how to work with the Global goals and the Agenda 2030 for a sustainable future. This is impossible if the politicians do not have the proper knowledge. There is a unique possibility to create new ways to work when politicians from Borås and Da Nang meet and exchange experiences and can discuss future challenges and possibilities for both countries.

The project will:

  • increase the awareness on sustainability among the decision-makers and officers
  • establish tools for implementation
  • establish a meeting point in the city to raise awareness, create a dialogue and communicate sustainability among the citizens.