Borlänge and Chisinau, Moldova

Project: Increase the competence of the teachers in the areas of Autism & ADHD

Internationally, around 1 in 68 children are now diagnosed an autism spectrum. In Chisinau, Moldova, there 150 children with autism registered at the municipality until 2016. Many of them have ADHD at the same time. Those children enjoy the equal right of receiving education and they join the normal schools for both learning and integration. The students with autism and ADHD often present unique challenges to schools, and teachers can often find it difficult to meet their needs effectively. Due to lack of competence and knowledge of the teachers, the students’ individual needs could not be met and quality education could not be reached. The opportunity to reach their potential was limited. Compared to Chisinau, Borlänge is far ahead in this area but it also faces the challenges such as making proper adjustments in schools according to the needs, lack of specialist staffs who help the teachers and the parents etc.

Therefore the two cities applied for the common project with the short term purpose to increase the competence of the teachers and specialists, in the long run the school can offer better and appropriate support to meet the educational needs of students with autism and ADHD in both cities.