2018 – Capacity and Social Capital for Local Government, Education Development

Application is to continue the ongoing project between Makunduchi and Sundsvall municipality (ICLDs dnr 2015-0113).

The application is aiming for to continue the work in progress to increase and strengthen Makunduchi Ward Council to have social capacity, knowledge, experience and tools to work with the challenge to development of Makunduchi and especially educational development and providing young people with skills and vocational training which give them the opportunity to be self-supported.

The main problem is still to increase the capacity of MWC. A work in close dialog with local schoolboards and citizens of Makunduchi will also create a platform for other challenges that are in Makunduchi.

School results are very low in Makunduchi and possibilities for young people to be self-supportive are very small. MWC will therefor focus on educational development and processes related to young people who have not finished school. Especially girls can benefit from the project because still a very patriarchalic society exists in Makunduchi.
Problems that will have focus also are in Sweden. We have a strong focus on “drop outs” even at home. Through the “Kommunala aktivitetsansvaret” (KAA) there is in Sundsvall knowledge and experience that will be useful for our partnership.