Keys to local land and administration in Nacka and Kisumu

The twin-municipalities of Nacka and Kisumu have mutually, through exchange between politicians and experts, identified a basic step towards a solution for the environmental effects of poor management of solid waste, namely through the mapping and process focused investigation of land administration.

The waste management in the lake region has resulted into generation of leach ate which pollutes the ground water and soil, spread of infectious diseases, blockage of sewers and drainage systems, spread of foul smoke from burning of waste as well as pollution of lake Victoria through run-off. Furthermore, there are health risks as no separation of hazardous waste fractions is practised.

Through an adequate mapping of the land administration – a prerequisite for local technical management – the key politicians and experts within the municipalities of Nacka and Kisumu will be trained jointly and through an extensive collegial exchange with internship, reach a common strategy of Keys to local land administration. Land use planning is the fundamental instrument for creating and preserving a healthy biodiversity environment and to facilitate social and economical development.

Expected results:

  • 15 experts from the staff of city planning in Nacka and Kisumu have been trained through competence raising seminars (2) and internship for Kisumu experts in Nacka (2-4 persons during 2 weeks).
  • Community members are informed through Internet and local libraries.
  • Involvement of local politicians in Nacka and Kisumu.
  • One strategic document called Keys to local land administration.