Lycksele and Homa Bay, Kenya

Project: Sustainable water and waste management as a way of promoting public health

The project objective is to produce a comprehensive plan for integrated waste and water management in Homa Bay County with focus on waste management supporting public health in the county.

The project is linked to another project with a specific focus on governance and management for equitable health care. Homa Bay County Government is partnering with Centre for Rural Medicine, a research and development unit within the County Council of Västerbotten who have partners in several regions and countries around the world.

The immediate objectives for the project are:

  • Establishing knowledge and understanding of sustainable waste management based on integrated environmental systems for waste and water at the ministry for waste and water.
  • Establishing a management structure at the ministry for waste and water that work for sustainable waste management based on integrated environmental systems.
  • Establishing a communication strategy for various stakeholders on sustainable waste management as well as on water management due to its importance for health.

Focus is on results in Homa Bay County, however with ambitions to increase knowledge and understanding within the Municipality of Lycksele for the purpose of using this practically and in various partnerships in the future.