Euphoria-improvement of the well-being of the elderly

The work with digital concepts for an increased safety, service and participation for elderly, have been an envisaged area of cooperation for a long time between the Municipality of Åmål and the City of Dunhuang.

The cities face similar challenges where the proportion of elderly increases at the same time as the aging population grows. Further, both cities are affected by an increased urbanisation and changed family structures where the families no longer can take care of the elderly as before.

All challenges have put an increased pressure on the elderly homes both in Åmål and Dunhuang. The quick growing digitalisation challenge all existing structures and affects us all, which means that we need to find new, useful solutions that create added value and security for our citizens, users, employees and organisations and attract more youths to work within elderly care. We need in order to create a sustainable healthcare system with the help of new technology, joint actions and exchanging experiences.

A method for ethical assessment before using new technique will be developed within the project, which will create a sense of participation and safety for the users and relatives. By using the method in each case to assess whether there is a need to establish new technology or not will make the management and staff more secure in their decisions.