Environment Technology for Sustainable development

Muheza community with a population of 171 568 is divided into 23 wards, 100 villages and 505 hamlets. The district is dominated by peasant farmers (with a per capital income of Tshs. 270 000/= USD 2.25). Farmers lack storage facilities for the agricultural products and are forced to sell their products at cheap prices to avoid damage by high warm temperatures.

Deforestation is still one of the major environmental challenges in the district. Only about 10% of the population in Muheza town and only 1.8 % of the population in the rural areas have access to grid electricity. Resulting to deforestation as forests are the main sources of energy. Deforestation is therefore one of the major environmental challenges in the district.

With the engagement of different stakeholders, the project will facilitate the development of an energy strategy for Muheza district and increase access to affordable, sustainable energy opportunities to communities in Misozwe ward.

The project aims to improve the social economic living standards as well as enhancing the local democracy.