Umeå and Cau Giay, Vietnam

Project: Educators – Agents for Sustainable Development

The main goal of the project is to establish better understanding among selected teachers in the pre-school and primary school on the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and on ESD which contributes to behavioural change, readiness and capacity to act for sustainable development. This project is also aimed at behavioural change, readiness and capacity to act for sustainable development among pupil. Results that the partners work to achieve are the same for both partners.

Intermediate objectives:

  • To develop a functional and agreed action- and work-plan for the teachers.
  • To increase understanding among the teachers involved in this project on ESD-program effectiveness in relation the 2030 agenda, as well as on how pre-schools and schools need and can work for personal and social well-being and sustainability.
  • To improve systems and routines for follow-up and learning among the team of teachers involved in this project, in collaboration with and support from managers for pre-schools and schools. In order for this improvement to take place both projects need to communicate and learn on potential methods, systems and routines for follow-up on ESD-programs.
  • All subjects in the selected schools on the primary and secondary level will address the 2030 agenda. (reference schools). This objective demand support by the managers of the schools and collaboration among teachers and staff.
  • To increase collaboration with parents and external actors in the City of Umeå and Cau Giay district.