Dragi Gradi Sandviken Subotica

The aim of the project is to Sandviken Municipality in cooperation with the Federation of Sandviken establishing a partnership with the public party in Subotica. The aim is to strengthen the capacity of Subotica Trade Association and its members in Norra Backa District of Serbia. The partnership formed in accordance with the”Letter of Intent” which was established in 2014. The document was developed during the Entrepreneur Association in Sandviken participation in the international trade fair in Subotica in June 2014. Cooperation will assist the Serbian party in its rapprochement with the European Union and its fundamental values.

Overall, the project aims to contribute to equitable and sustainable economic development.

Our municipal partnership takes particular account of issues related to youth entrepreneurship, gender equality and women’s role in the development of an integrated perspective in local decision-making.