Developing Children

All the children are born artists. They have tremendous talents and they are full of fantasy, creativity and thoughts. However most of those talents disappear along the way they grow up. Many children do not receive the opportunities at school to think, to express and to discover. If this continues, the children will lose their creativity, freedom of expression and a lot more. It is difficult to imagine how a country can reach the sustainable development without innovation, to have democratic society built without the freedom of expression. With the ambition of making a change which can give the children a free world to discover, to invent and to dream, Wuhan and Borlänge decide to launch a common project.

Under this project, a creative and interactive exhibition will be built in Wuhan, based on the knowledge from Borlänge Asken Culture Center.

At the exhibition children are encouraged to explore with their own imagination and fantasy, to think independently, to express freely and learn to respect each other. Meanwhile exchange activities between the municipal art teachers will be carried on in order to enhance the teachers’ professional skills and experiences of working with children’s creativity.