Collaboration Municipality – Local NGO’s

One of the reasons for the project is to strengthen the umbrella organisation in Åmål called Samverket. It is a centre that coordinates the local voluntary work in order to unite and help the people who need it. Groups that are a part of Samverket are among others elderly, youth, immigrants who are not yet integrated in the local society or who need help with other things.

This organisation is a role model for similar needs of organisation in Manafwa. The groups in Manafwa are often more isolated and have a big need for cooperation. The groups benefitting from the voluntary organisation are elderly, women, orphans, child moms, youth, handicapped people and the ones having HIV.

The umbrella organisation formed in Manafwa is called “Work Together Center” and the aim is to coordinate the voluntary work and finding ways of working together in order to satisfy the existing needs. This is done through the help of volunteers and the center serves as a starting point. The groups can now learn from each other, e.g. youth is helping elderly people, elderlys are telling about culture and the life when they were young. People having HIV can inform youth groups, etc. The center also serves as a meeting point for the different groups.