Bollnäs and Lobatse, Botswana

The municipal of Bollnäs and the municipality of Lobatse are applying for an Inception Phase as a part of this network to give us the opportunity to jointly develop a project plan closely linked to a human right topic (in this case to develop and learn more about including youth in the local society, with special emphasis on the local cultural heritage as a way to build socially sustainable societies) and Agenda 2030. In this case the focus is on the possibility to gain knowledge about our cultural heritage, our unique world heritage as well as its connection to international world heritages and UNESCO as an important way to develop sustainable social development. The youth is our future bearer of the society. Focus is to develop a consciousness about local values and a local identity in a global context. Learning is part of a life long journey and is a key to participation in work life and in the society. The Agenda 2030 goal 4.7 puts emphasis on reaching knowledge and skills needed to promote a sustainable development, in line with human rights, peace, and global citizenship. Cultural diversity and culture as a mean for sustainable development are important here. The Agenda 2030 goal 11.4 highlights the protection of the world’s cultural and natural heritages as a way to build sustainable societies. An important protection for our cultural heritage is that our future generations become bearer of our heritage based on their conditions and their context. Building bridges between city and countryside may increase the inclusive approach and the right for youth to knowledge about our cultural heritage, no matter socioeconomic background.