Bollnäs and Lobatse, Botswana

The municipalities of Lobatse and Bollnäs are applying for the project as part of the network for human rights and local democracy. Both municipalities see the opportunity to jointly develop and learn more about including youth in the local society, with special emphasis on the local cultural heritage, as a way to build socially sustainable societies.

The focus is on learning more about our cultural heritage, including a variety of stories about our cultural heritages (giving voice also to stories that were never told) sharing information and experiences in a variety of ways. Also, in Bollnäs, there is a connection to the international world heritage farmhouses and the work by UNESCO, caring for our heritage as our legacy from the past and what we pass on to future generations.

The youth is our bearer and trustees for the sustainable future of our societies. In the project, we want to develop a consciousness about local values and local identities in a global context. Learning is part of a lifelong journey and is a key to participation in work life and in society. The Agenda 2030 goal 4.7 puts emphasis on reaching the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, in line with human rights, peace and global citizenship. Cultural diversity and culture as a means for sustainable development are important here.

The Agenda 2030 goal 11.4 highlights the protection of the world’s cultural and natural heritages as a way to build sustainable societies. Important protection for our cultural heritage is that our future generations become bearers of our heritage, relevant to their lives and their context. Building bridges between city and countryside may increase the inclusive approach and the right for youth to gain knowledge about our cultural heritage, irrespective of socioeconomic background.