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The MPP is based on the UN’s Agenda 2030 and its global goals, and on Sweden’s Global Development Policy (PGU), which dates from 2002. PGU stresses the Swedish tradition of local self-governance and its potential for assisting with the development of local democracy in other countries. It also highlights the importance of new, international collaborations in the form of partnerships. Effective global development presupposes local support.

Please read both our guidelines and budget guidelines carefully before applying. The budget guidelines indicate what is, and is not, funded by ICLD within the partnership.
Guidelines for Municipal partnerships 
Budget guidelines for municipal partnerships

As of 2016, ICLD has established a new results framework on how we measure local democracy development. Please read carefully in order to fully understand the results that we are looking for you to achieve in your partnerships.
How we measure local democracy development – new results framework, 1 January 2016

Finally, in order to help you design your project we suggest you read through our guide to Project Management:
Project Management Guide – working in accordance with LFA


Every year, the MPP organises various training initiatives aimed at the Swedish partner, the international partner, or both. Some activities are recurring every year, such as the introduction days for Swedish municipalities that are currently not active in the programme and the MPP training which is for active partners and covers every aspect of project planning in accordance with the Logical Framework Approach. More information about upcoming trainings and workshops can be found below.

MPP training 2018 (full)

Transparency in local government Homa Bay 2018 - Download material

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Knowledge Centre

KC – Hochleithner S & Exner A (2018) - Theories of Migration in and from Rural Sub-Saharan Africa: Review and Critique of Current Literature

Knowledge Centre

KC – Hochleithner S & Exner A (2018) - Local Government and Migration: A Review of Literature and Media Narratives with focus on West African Sahel

Knowledge Centre

Political and Social Inclusion in Asian Cities - Indonesia Case Study

Knowledge Centre

Political and Social Inclusion in Asian Cities - Vietnam Case Study

Knowledge Centre

Political and Social Inclusion in Asian Cities - India Case Study

Internship opportunity

ICLD announces its spring  2019 internship opportunities

05 Oktober

Does local democracy impact emigration from the Sahel?

What are the reasons behind the wave of European-bound emigration from the Sahel? Why are so many people – young men in particular – leaving their homes, families and villages behind to undertake a perilous journey to an unknown future?

27 September


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KC – Blair, H (2012) Participatory Budgeting and Local Governance