How to Apply

When can we apply?
There are two application periods per year:
February 15 – March 15 
September 15 – October 15  

Please read our Programme Guidelines carefully before applying. 

How to we submit an application?
You must log in to apply. If it’s the first time you are submitting an application, the Swedish partner can get the partnership’s log in details from the online application section. Alternatively, the Swedish partner can request log in details by emailing us at partnership@icld.se. Once you have logged in, you can either create a new application, or edit an existing one. Everyone within a single organization/partnership has the same user account, irrespective of the project on which they are working. 

You can also find links to the application forms below - in case you want to read through the applications forms before receiving your application log in details. 

What do we do with appendices?
The online application form will clearly state which appendices are required for the various types of application. You can upload all of the appendices required under the Appendices tab. The appendices that require signatures should be scanned in and uploaded, which also ensures that you retain the original documents. 

Application forms

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Youth Democracy

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Thinking outside of the box was a valuable lesson

Ordinary people matter and can make important contributions to policy and local development. That, and many more conclusions, is shown in a study about empowering local governments in Zimbabwe. The study confirmed the relevance of the ITPs regarding closing leadership gaps, building networks and enhancing participatory leadership – all critical to local development.

02 November

New publication: Policy brief by Jesse Ribot

ICLD's new publication "Choosing Democracy: Natural Resource Management for Environmental Policy Makers, Donors and Practitioners" by Jesse Ribot is aiming to assist policy makers in making decisions related to forestry.

23 Oktober


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24 new international partnerships for Swedish municipalities

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KC – Nickson, A (2011) Where is Local Government Going in Latin America? A Comparative Perspective