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The Plastic Bag Ban in Kenya: A study on consumer perceptions and attitudes following the plastic bag ban in Nairobi, Kenya
Sauda Luzze
In 2017, Kenya’s government banned plastic bags, to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment. …
It Takes Two to Tango: Perceptions and motivations towards campaign clientelism in Zambia
Michael Fubu Ngubu
Various studies on clientelism usually start from a common puzzle: Why is campaign clientelism widely …
Towards Inclusive WASH Policy-Making: A case study of exploring barriers to adopting gender responsive budgeting (GRB) in the water and sanitation sector in Cape Town
Nora Mårtensson
This study investigates different potential barriers to adopting a Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) approach that …
The Plight of the Pangolin: Key patterns enabling the illegal wildlife trade of pangolins in Namibia – a multi-perspective case study
Carina Martens
Sophie Berstermann
The pangolin is the most trafficked mammal on earth and is believed to be on …
Widows, land rights and women’s empowerment: “Who will own the kitchen?” – Findings from the Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania
Elin Johansson
Women around the world are constantly being denied their land rights due to discriminatory practices. …
Hydropower and Justice in Kosovo: A qualitative case study on procedural and restorative justice in the decision-making process for small-scale hydropower projects
Jamila Gysin
This thesis investigates the decision-making process that led to the rapid adoption of small-scale hydropower …
Expanding Freedoms and Improving Commons through Labour: A Study of Kerala’s Ayyankali Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme
Sahana Subramanian
India faces an urban unemployment crisis and a crisis of declining life quality in urban …
How does the youth perceive democracy given the history of general elections in the post-colonial city of Nairobi, Kenya?
Anita Mureithi
Kenya has had a tumultuous history with general elections. In a country with 42 ethnic …
Refugee Women’s Political Leadership: Experiences, Challenges, and Obstacles in Nyumanzi and Maaji II Refugee Settlement, Uganda
Flavia Ajok
Uganda hosts the biggest number of refugees from the neighboring countries including SouthSudan, Somalia, and …
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