Gender Mainstreaming Local Democracy

The programme is based on Agenda 2030 and the 17 sustainable development goals. A special focus is placed on goal #5 – gender equality. Every local government participating in the programme is therefore expected to carry out a change process using the gender mainstreaming method. Many Swedish municipalities use gender mainstreaming as a strategy for achieving the Swedish government’s gender equality political goals. Gender mainstreaming means that a gender equality assessment must be conducted of all policies that affect the way people live, so that everyone – women and men, girls and boys – can live gender-equal lives.

Application to this programme is open between 2nd of November until the 22nd of December 2017. Please go to the "Apply" section.

Inception workshop in Kampala, Uganda, March 21st -23rd, 2018
Training in Sweden, May 14th – 25th, 2018

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