Enabling Local Democracy and Holistic Urban Development through the SymbioCity Approach

The main objective of the programme is strengthened capacity of local governments to plan, develop and manage urban areas sustainably and inclusively, through the use of SymbioCity as an approach and methodology. The programme seeks to enhance the capacity of individuals as well as organizations. It aims to provide inspiration, approaches and tools which are effective and useful in the local context and which will ultimately lead to improved health, safety, comfort and quality of life for people living in urban areas.

Applications to the next round of this programme is now closed.

The next round of the training consists of the following seminars:
Inception Workshop - 5 days in January - February 2018
Regional Workshop - 5 days in May 2018
Swedish phase - 2 weeks in October 2018
Follow up Workshop - 3 days in February 2019
Final Workshop - 3 days in June 2019

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