Advanced International Leadership Programme

The programme targets women in key positions in political assemblies at the local level in 16 countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. The programme provides the opportunity to strengthen the capacity in the participant´s leadership, help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and create a network of other women in the same position.

ICLD has already strengthened a total of 125 women since the training started in 2013 by primarily enable the politicians to share and disseminate their experiences. This programme will be followed by a 7th cohort in 2020-2021.

If you are a local political leader, a woman and most importantly, an agent of change - this programme is for you! The ICLD aim with the programme is to:

- Empower you with improved leadership skills
- Help you fully utilize the power and influence of your position
- Strengthen you as a role model to encourage political participation among marginalized groups
- Give you access to a network of women in similar positions

For information about the training, see the brochure reached via the "To the programme"-button.

The programme is now open for applications and you reach the online application via the "Apply" -button. Deadline for submitting your application is 30th of September.

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