Welcome to the Mentor´s page

This page is for ICLD’s current mentors and for those interested in becoming mentors in the future. Here you can find ICLD’s mentor´s handbook and other useful tools to help you in your work.

A mentor for ICLD is an experienced professional who is an expert in the theme of the programme and has an in-depth knowledge of the local context and culture of the participants they are mentoring. Being a mentor allows you to share your experience and network, to contribute to the development of a team´s local community, and to stay connected to ICLD. The programmes are designed for mentors to help participants develop a “change project.” Once a participant or team is partnered up with a mentor, they will meet between 4 to 6 times a year (on average). ICLD regularly recruits new mentors with solid experience, skills and a desire to make a difference. Welcome to be an ICLD mentor!

Meet some of our mentors, Maude, Danny and Anna!

Maude Dikobe

Mentor Botswana

Danny Chibinda

Mentor Zambia

Anna Kebadze

Mentor Georgia

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