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The first partnership between Gothenburg in Sweden and Nelson Mandela Bay in South Africa was formed in 1999, since when a number of instructive projects have been conducted. In 2012, the two municipalities decided to take their partnership much further than ever before.

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, South Africa
Local governance and government administration
Human Rights

Municipality of Chair – An inclusive municipality

Persons with disabilities in Macedonia are frequently marginalized in society and face numerous challenges in the enjoyment of their human rights. They are marginalized by the society, by their families and in many cases by themselves. – Expressing our rights and recognizing that we are valued members of society is essential so that we feel respected as citizens, says Sefer Selimi the president of NGO Shpresa.

Equal services for all citizens of Vracar municipality

As part of the ITP: Local Government with a Rights Based Approach - Irena Lakobrija Delic, organised a project addressing inequalities in how persons with any form of disability were treated. Irena presented her experiences at Sida's day for ITP-organisers in Stockholm on the 26th of January.

Human Rights

Lodwar and Borlänge are facing similar challenges

Lodwar, Kenya and Borlänge, Sweden. Two different municipalities approximately 6000km apart facing similar challenges: how to successfully integrate refugees into their communities and set them on the path for fulfilling and productive lives.

Champions of Local Democracy

Through a series of personal portraits we highlight people who are playing a significant role in the development of local democracy where they live.

Igor Marsenic - politician and artist

– My commitment to local democracy comes from the belief that we can prosper only if we are tightly connected with the wider community. Those are the words of Igor Marsenic who is a politician in the Šabac City Council but also an artist. Igor is the third feature within our series of personal portraits of people who are playing a significant role in the development of local democracy where they live. We call them Champions of local democracy!​​​

The mentor and the student - friends for life and partners

They met five years ago in the ICLD-programme ‘Local Political Leaders – Capacitating Women in Politics.’ The mentor and the student – now friends for life and partners. “Empowering women has always been a major goal for me. Through the programme I could be of great help to women in other countries who wanted to become politicians and leaders. I liked the idea that we could share and empower each other,” says Gunilla Hjelm.

Local Political Leaders
Social issues

Helping left-behind children

All over the world, people from rural areas are moving into the cities to build a future for themselves. In China, the escalating level of urbanisation has resulted in children being left in the countryside when their parents move to the city to work and make a living. These children are the focus of a project in which Vara municipality in Sweden and Huangshan in eastern China have developed methods of helping the children left behind handle the position in which they find themselves.

Huganshan City, China

Effective Solid Waste management in Haldwani

A solid waste management system in Haldwani, state of Uttrakhand in India, started off as a project for change by Neeraj Joshi. Neeraj attended the ICLD international training programme Decentralization and Good Governance with a Gender Perspective in 2012-2013. Now it is the only one project sanctioned in Uttrakhand by the government of India.

Gender Perspective
Gender Perspective

Well, to whom DOES the budget process belong?

For a change agent there are a lot of challenges. Especially when it comes to trying to change well-cemented structures like the budget processes in a patriarchal society. Someone who has had her fair share of meeting these challenges, is Rozeta Aleksov. One of the 25 participants in the second round of the International Training Programme “Local Democracy and Social Sustainability with a Gender Perspective”.

Tbilisi - Planning of city centre using SymbioCity Approach

A team from Tbilisi City Hall - the department of urban planning, participated in the first round of International Training Programme: Enabling Local Democracy and Holistic Urban Development through the SymbioCity Approach. During the training the team developed a plan for the development of one central area in Tbilisi.

Holistic Urban Development
Local governance and government administration

Building something that lasts

Long before there was a formal partnership between Vushtrri in Kosovo and the Swedish town of Växjö, the two towns had a connection. Around 1,000 Kosovo Albanians live in Växjö and in 2012, Vushtrri’s mayor paid a visit to the town. It was then that the plans for a joint project were hatched.

Komuna Vushtrri, Kosovo

New Conception of the Citizens’ Service Center

Nino Latsabidze and some of her colleagues from Tbilisi City Hall participated in ICLDs ITP program “Local Governance with a Rights Based Approach” in 2015-2016. As part of the program they worked on a change project that aimed at developing the services towards the citizens of the capital of Georgia in multiple ways. The service model the team developed turned out to be very successful and is now replicated in other municipalities of the country.

Human Rights
Municipal Financing

Lusaka - Slum upgrading

70% of Lusakas approximately 1,4 million inhabitants live in slums without proper access to basic services. Sanitation is here one of the worst problems. The capital of Zambia has 37 slums and the project run by Chongo Mangiza and Mwiche Mudala within the International Training Program “Municipal Financing Supporting Local Development and Local Democracy” targets Kanyama which is one of the biggest slums. The purpose of the project is to upgrade this slum area.

UN Capital Development Fund UNCDF, South AfricaTanzaniaUgandaZimbabweZambia

Uganda – Tree nurseries in Hoima municipality

According to the Ugandan Bureau of Statistics (Uganda Statistical Abstract 2015) the country’s deforestation rate was 5,4 percent per year between 2005 and 2010. The rate seems to be increasing. A team from Hoima that follow the international training program “Municipal Financing Supporting Local Development and Local Democracy” now aim to create highly productive tree nurseries.

UN Capital Development Fund UNCDF, South AfricaTanzaniaUgandaZimbabweZambia
Municipal Financing