With concrete force for real inclusion in Užice

In Užice, western Serbia, the local city council investigates a good way of creating employment for people with functional variations, inspired by participants in ICLD program with human rights based approach. The challenge is to ensure a good working situation for people with functional variations in companies, as companies usually cannot afford high wages and not many people with functional variations have the right education. They address this by meeting educational institutions to identify sectors and workplaces for people with disabilities so that education and training can be tailored to their needs. 

This change process, which began with ICLD participants in the Užice project, can be replicated as best practice and will have consequences throughout Serbia and the Western Balkans.

Sara Bozic and Cedomir Cicovic both participate in the project group in different roles. Sara works for the municipality and Cedomir is chairman of a disability organization. In a couple of weeks, a longer article on the web pages will tell you more about the amazing project in Užice in Serbia.