Team Amasra’s path to Gender-Responsive Budgeting

Amasra in Turkey is a dedicated municipality striving to create a society that is not only equal but also sustainable. Last year, Team Amasra joined ICLD’s Human Rights-Based Approach Programme on a transformative journey to champion gender equality within the Amasra municipality. As a result of this, a handbook for Gender-Responsive Budgeting was recently launched.

Their vision is to empower Amasra municipality with the requisite knowledge and tools to integrate gender-responsive budgeting principles into its policies and practices, with a focus on the municipality of Amasra. The hope is that this initiative and the manual will be more widely disseminated, inspiring other Turkish municipalities to prioritize inclusiveness and equity.

Through their change project, Team Amasra, in collaboration with The Global Equality and Inclusion Network Association (KAPI), has developed a handbook for Gender Responsive Budgeting, titled “Gender Responsive Manual For Municipalities 2023.” This handbook is not merely a tool; it is an important step towards realizing Team Amasra’s objective – integrating a gender-responsive budgeting methodology into all municipal budgets.

Ultimately, the road to a more equal society must start at the local level. Integrating gender budgeting into local government policies and promoting cooperation with national authorities pave the way for a fairer world. A world where every individual, regardless of gender, has equal opportunities to flourish and contribute to the common good. This is not just a vision but a commitment, and Team Amasra is at the forefront, leading the way.

”Gender-responsive budgeting is not just about allocating resources; it’s about empowering women and ensuring equality becomes a reality in every line item”, says Ayşe Kaşıkırık, one of the participants in team Amasra.

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