Structure change in ICLD’s steering group for politicians

Local politicians in a municipal partnership programme form steering groups that monitor results-orientated projects promoting local democracy. This is done by acquiring know-how, experience and inspiration from all over the world that contributes to Agenda 2030 work through international, local municipal partnerships.
The municipal partnership enables local politicians to help marginalised groups become included, encourages community dialogues, increases local people’s insight, and ensures that politician’s responsibility to electors is made clear.

The model tried out in Zambia worked well, and ICLD has accordingly adapted and amended it slightly in line with its structure for steering group work. Transparency will, amongst other things, act as an important building block in the programme for 2018.
“We want to give the politicians examples of methodologies and to give them an insight into ICLD’s four core areas, and in 2018, we will be focusing, in particular, on the core area of transparency. If we really want to achieve results with our pro-democracy work, where transparency and accountability are a must, we must inspire politicians to lead these efforts,” says Myriam Chilvers.

Two of three conferences, similar to those held in Zambia in December 2017, will be held in 2018. An invitation to a conference to be held in March in Kampala, Uganda, has already been issued, and conferences are also being planned for a later date in Asia and Eastern Europe.
ICLD will be offering politicians from Sweden the chance to work with their municipal political colleagues and to be inspired by and pool experiences when it comes to openness. The aim is to identify challenges, possible solutions, and methodologies for the steering group.

“The conferences are part of a new initiative aimed at working more closely with the steering group’s local politicians. It’s vital in promoting democracy, both within the partnerships and within their municipalities,” says Myriam Chilvers.
Has there been much interest on the part of politicians in taking part in ICLD’s work?
“There’s been a massive amount of interest amongst those already involved – they can see the benefits of being part of a partnership steering group. What we need to do now is to reach out to and talk to politicians who are not already involved, to show them what they can gain from a partnership and how this can benefit their home municipality.”