Strengthen your brand by municipal funding

05 September 2018

More than 130 people participated when ICLD organized two workshops with the theme "Municipal funding". The event took place in Cape Town, South Africa and Harare, Zimbabwe and addressed local and regional officials. The aim was to increase knowledge, create opportunities for networking between municipalities and also to offer an environment where experiences can be exchanged.

ICLD presented its program “Municipal Financing”, and several South African and Zimbabwean municipalities shared their experiences.

"It was great fun that so many participated! Both events were organized in collaboration with the national organizations, SALGA in South Africa and the Ministry of Local Government in Zimbabwe. There is a great need for this kind of training on how municipalities and regions can increase their income and reduce their costs in order to reach economic and social stability," says Jenny Nylund, responsible for the ICLD's municipal funding program.

In both events the UN Capital Development Fund, a partner in the implementation of the "Municipal Financing" education program, participated.
“A highly appreciated feature was the lecture on municipal assets, where participants were challenged to point out their natural resources. Most municipalities take their assets for granted, assets that actually can contribute to the municipality's brand and revenue. Often it is possible to use natural resources to strengthen the municipal economy in a sustainable way,” says Jenny Nylund.

During two well-attended workshops in South Africa and Zimbabwe, experiences were shared under the theme "Municipal funding”.