New International Training Programme – Inclusive Political Leadership

ICLD is launching a new education program called Inclusive Political Leadership.
Local politicians and representatives of grassroots organizations acting at local level are the target group.

Each group should consist of 2-5 people, with at least one being a woman. In the first round, we primarily address participants from exposed areas in cities.

The program aims to contribute to increased inclusion at a local level, allowing participants to jointly work with a development project while practicing in different forms of cooperation.
– My hope is to create an innovative program that contributes to real change for poor people,” says Astrid Nunez at ICLD, responsible for the program.

ICLD’s ambition is to make politicians and grassroots organizations work together to a greater extent than is often the case today, and to help find solutions to improve the services of citizens in exposed areas in cities in five countries.

The program will be directly linked to research conducted by Associate Professor María José Zapata at the Göteborg School of Economics, which concerns inclusive political leadership.

Politicians and representatives of grassroots organizations in the following countries can apply for the program:
Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.
Deadline for application has been prolonged and is now 15 August 2017.

Apply to the programme!

Please read more about the programme in the document attached.