Local democracy researcher brings participation to the national level 

Carla Bezerra is a Brazilian researcher in political science and public policy, an alumni of the Local Democracy Academy and author of a brand new ICLD policy brief on participatory budgeting. 

When the government changed in Brazil, her expertise in participatory policy processes was leveraged in the Transition Cabinet, a sort of preparatory cabinet responsible for making policy diagnosis and recommendations.

Advising at the Social Participation Council, a collegiate body of 60 national CSO’s, she contributed to basing policy directly on the voices of local stakeholders. 

A great example of how research and policy come together for democracy!

Carla de Paiva Bezerra

Bezerra’s policy brief compiles examples and best practices for participatory budgeting for increased participation and equity, as discussed by leading researchers during the Local Democracy Academy in 2022.

We hope it will inspire many more, and researchers like Carla to share knowledge in more policy forums.

Participatory Budgeting in marginalised areas group discussion during ICLD Local Democracy Academy 2022. Photo credits: Josh Lerner.
Participatory Budgeting in a rural area in Ubá, MInas Gerais, Brazil. Credit: Prefecture of Ubá.

Participatory budgeting is an increasingly popular process through which residents are invited to deliberation and vote on investment spending in a particular area, for public spending to reflect the diverse strengths, needs and aspirations of the residents.

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