Internships at ICLD

Are you interested in local democracy, international development or human rights? Apply for an internship at the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy! Apply through the FUF internship programme before 23 February for the chance to work with us.

General information

The Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) believes that change happens at the local level. Local governments are at the core of democratic development around the world, and it is the everyday work carried out by villages, towns, cities, municipalities and regions that creates the change that is fundamental for equitable, inclusive and sustainable global development. When it comes to local democracy, local self-governance and decentralisation, ICLD serves as an initiator of new research and knowledge generation as well as a link to existing knowledge and expertise. We strengthen local governments’ capacity to analyse, prioritize and implement Agenda 2030 in accordance with their own resources and needs. ICLD programmes aim at strengthening local democratic institutions.

About the internship

ICLD offers master’s students from diverse academic backgrounds the opportunity to enhance their educational experience through practical work assignments in the field they would like to build a career in. We are looking for people with fresh ideas and creativity, enthusiasm and willingness to be part of the team at ICLD.

Internships are full-time during the spring and autumn semesters. We do not offer internships during the summer. The specific skills we require from interns vary depending on the organisational needs and priorities. In general, we look for students who are:

  • Enrolled in a master’s programme (or internship course) at a Swedish university
  • Studying in an area relevant to ICLD’s work such as global studies, political science, communications, international development, human rights, sociology or other social sciences or similar
  • Interested in or have knowledge of Sweden’s development cooperation and the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as some knowledge about the role of local governments in development
  • Able to assess, manage and structure information, have good analytical skills, can work independently, and can prioritise and structure work
  • Proficient in Swedish and English. The working language at ICLD is Swedish therefore interns are expected to have a high level of fluency. Knowledge of languages from ICLD’s partner countries is an asset
  • Interested in writing, photography, filming or similar
  • Can show sensitivity and respect regardless of culture, gender, religion, race, nationality, sexual orientation and age

Learning opportunities

The goal of the internship is for interns to gain a deeper understanding of Swedish international development cooperation and increased knowledge about local democracy. Interns are part of the team and participate in our daily activities. They are encouraged to contribute with their lived or academic experiences and knowledge as well as develop a small project relevant to their studies. We offer the chance for you to be a part of a diverse, multicultural environment, and an opportunity to contribute to ICLD’s work, and to get experience and insights on:

  • International cooperation in the field of local democracy
  • City to city learning
  • Knowledge sharing in the context of development
  • Communications
  • Research on best practices regarding local development

Activities include:

  • Collecting, organising and disseminating “best cases” and learning outcomes from our International Training Programmes or Municipal Partnerships programme
  • Conducting literature reviews, case studies or country analyses
  • Contributing to content creation for social media platforms and communication channels
  • Organising workshops and training events

Terms of internship

  • Internships at ICLD are unpaid
  • Interns are responsible for arranging and paying for their accommodation in Visby
  • ICLD reimburses two return tickets by boat to Visby

How to apply

Apply through the FUF internship programme before 23 February. Please note that all interviews will be conducted by Skype video call. Questions about the internship may be directed to Malaika Mikaelsson,, tel 0498-29 91 49.