International training programme for gender equality seeks national mentors

The main objective of the programme is strengthened capacity of local governments to mainstream gender equality in a sustainable and inclusive way.
The programme seeks to enhance the capacity of individuals as well as organizations.
It aims to provide inspiration, approaches and tools that are effective and useful in the local context and ultimately lead to improved health, safety, comfort and quality of life for people living in urban areas.

After completing the programme, the participants are expected to:
– understand the importance of good governance for equitable service delivery
– have tools and knowledge to gender mainstream their daily work
– understand how to manage change through multi-stakeholder and multi-level collaboration
– make use of the gender mainstreaming methodology to improve the quality and outcome of change processes
– good understanding of the Agenda 2030 and how to turn the global agenda into local action

The ICLD is now opening a call for applications for National Mentors – a resource person to support the participants in the gender equality change processes in their local government.

The successful candidate has:
– good knowledge of gender equality issues, preferably with experience from gender mainstreaming a local government context
– experience in planning, implementation and follow up of projects, preferable with knowledge in the Logical Framework Approach (LFA)
– good knowledge and understanding of the national context from a development perspective and the Agenda 2030
– experience as educator with an excellent command of the national language and of English
The programme is open to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, and we are contracting one National Mentor per country.
If you are interested in this assignment, please read through the Terms of Reference, that you find below, and submit your application no later than August 25th.