ICLD’s Fieldwork Grant

20 September 2018

ICLD’s Fieldwork Grant is a programme for International Master’s students registered at a university in Sweden. The aim of the programme is to provide an opportunity for students to conduct fieldwork in one of ICLD’s countries of cooperation. The subject of study must have a strong connection to local government. Students may apply for a maximum of 20 000 SEK to conduct fieldwork for at least five weeks in a selected country.

Who can apply?
International Master’s students registered at a Swedish University. Swedish students who did not receive a Minor Field Studies grant from Sida may also apply.
The application period is open between the 1st and 15th October 2018.
The application must fit in one of the following themes:

1. Local Governments and the SDGs
The thesis project must describe how local politicians and/or government officials can benefit from the project. The thesis should contribute to the understanding of the role of local governments to achieving sustainable development and poverty reduction. The project must show relevance to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to at least one of ICLD’s four strategic areas: equity, participation, transparency and accountability.

2. ICLD Municipal Partnerships
Are you interested in local democracy and development, but do not have a clear thesis topic? For you ICLD offers the contacts and information to conduct your thesis in one of our municipal partnerships or international training programmes. Municipal partnerships include projects focused on a variety of issues such as urban planning, equity, gender equality, inclusion, economic development, etc. In the case of international training programmes, we have projects with women politicians, sustainable urban planning, SDG No. 5 on Gender Equality, and Human Rights.
For applicants interested in this call, we offer additional funds to the best thesis for sharing the results of the study upon completion.

3. Understanding corruption through social norms
This is a special travel grant for master’s students interested in the field of corruption. The thesis should aim to improve understanding of the role of social norms in fighting corruption in local governments. For applicants interested in this call, we offer contacts with local government officials in the following countries: South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia.
For applicants interested in this call, we offer additional funds to the best thesis for sharing the results of the study upon completion.

The field studies must be conducted in one of the following countries: India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Belarus.

For themes two and three, the field study should be in the country and city of the specific ICLD Project.

Applications must include a project description (written in English) of approximately 800 Words (around 2 pages) in which the student shall indicate:
• Research problem
• Purpose - clearly linked to ICLD's strategic areas (equity, transparency, accountability or participation) and the SDGs
• Local stakeholder/s: the project should state how the thesis will involve local politicians and/or civil servants during the Project.
• Budget - the budget should include a detailed estimation of the cost of travel, lodging and other fieldwork expenses. The sum can include expenses for vaccinations, local travel and other expenses related to the fieldwork.

Applications must also include:
• A letter of certification from your university in Sweden to support the application (signed by student counsellor, professor or similar)
• Letter of motivation (maximum 1 page)

For more information and questions regarding the programme, please contact Malaika Mikaelsson 

ICLD offers students the possibility to contacts to conduct their thesis in connection to the Municipal Partnership Programme or one of our International Training Programmes in one of ICLD’s 21 partner countries.
Master’s students are invited to write their thesis in connection to any of the projects in which ICLD is currently involved. For a range of projects from which to choose, please see the Appendix below or read more here

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