Eight international Master’s students awarded ICLD fieldwork grants

ICLD offered an introductory workshop on December 17, 2018 at Lund University where the students presented their project. They shared and received feedback on their research from each other as well as from ICLD Research Director Ana Maria Vargas and Håkan Magnusson, Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, Lund University.

The students’ research is tied to the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as to ICLD’s core areas of equity, participation, transparency and accountability. Each thesis shall contribute to the understanding how local democracy and good governance can contribute to achieve sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Three students will be travelling to Zambia, two to South Africa, and one each to Kenya, Colombia and India. Each of the projects is in an extremely topical area deserving of further study including sustainable energy and environment, water and natural resource management, and social norms and corruption. We wish the students all the very best as they proceed with their fieldwork and data collection.

The grantees are:

Siri Ahlzén, Uppsala University, Political Science. “Understanding corruption through social norms – a case study of local government in Lusaka” (Zambia)

Laura Betancur Alarcón, Lund University, Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science. “Moving towards peace and sustainability: Understanding grassroots initiatives for sustainability in armed conflict-peace transitions” (Colombia)

Maria Gómez Fonseca, Lund University, Development Studies. “Get around: Youth participatory assessment of accessibility in Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality” (South Africa)

Rasmus Larsen, Lund University, Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science. “Responsible renewables? Energy justice lessons from the Kenyan Lake Turkana Wind Power project” (Kenya)

Tendai Madzaramba, Lund University, Water Resources Engineering. “Greywater reuse for urban gardening in low-income communities in Johannesburg” (South Africa)

Mukuka Mulenga, Uppsala University, Sustainable Development. “Roadmap towards promoting sustainable household energy use in Lusaka” (Zambia)

Gilbert Mwale, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Rural Development and Natural Resource Management. “Elite control over decision-making processes and conditions that make them responsive to the public” (Zambia)

Jonathan Wirths, Lund University, International Development and Management. “Barriers to the uptake of household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) practices in Ranchi” (India)

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