Canh Toan Vu – an ICLD mentor

Canh Toan Vu from Vietnam is a freelance consultant on sustainable urban development and climate change adaption (among other things). He is a mentor for the ICLD international training programme SymbioCity, which purpose is to strengthen the capacity of local governments to plan, develop and manage urban areas sustainably.

Canh Toan Vu decided to apply for the mentorship at ICLD because he appreciated the Symbiocity approach which was highly relevant to his own work and interest. Having intensive practical experience in the field and knowing the system of governance in Vietnam, he believes he can make a difference.

He looks forward doing training sessions with city stakeholders and providing technical support to the participants. Furthermore, he will visit two Vietnamese cities and work directly with two different teams and follow the homework they are doing.
But what does he expect to achieve?

”I hope that I can help the participants to improve their understanding of the theories and approaches underpinning the Symbiocity framework”

Canh Toan Vu also believes that being an ICLD mentor, and learning about the Symbiocity programme, helps himself in his ongoing work as a consultant in the field. And not the least: it gives him a good opportunity to expand his professional network with international experts, local government officials and urban development practitioners.

The only thing he regrets is that the the pandemic has stopped him from meeting and work with the Vietnamese participants in person. To communicate via internet or telephone is not so easy when dealing with new and complicated concepts (for them) such as integrated planning, inclusive approach and governance.

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