Call for mentor in Zambia

ICLD is making a call for a national mentor in Zambia for the international training programme “Gender Mainstreaming”.

The Mentors’ main responsibility is to support the participants in their change processes during the length of the ICLD training programme. Support means to act as a sounding board and a “critical friend” to the participants to shape the change processes from the perspective of their competence. The Mentor shall also encourage the use of various process tools given by ICLD during workshops during their feedback to the participants. The mentoring is primarily done through e-mail and/or telephone conversations. The Mentor should be available for e-mail questions, telephone and zoom consultations in between ICLD workshops. The change processes, which are implemented in teams of 3, are related to a challenge/problem regarding gender equality in the participants’ organization. Read more here

The mentor should have the following qualifications:

  • Good knowledge of gender equality issues, preferably with experience from gender mainstreaming a local government context
  • Experience in planning, implementation and follow up of projects, preferable with knowledge in the Logical Framework Approach (LFA)
  • Encouraging your teams with self-reflection and utilization of tools
  • Helping your teams identify areas for development
  • Good knowledge and understanding of the national context from a development perspective and the Agenda 2030
  • Experience as educator with an excellent command of the national language and of English
  • Assisting ICLD during workshops, feed-back sessions, etc.
  • The calculated time spent on this assignment is approximately 25 days over the 18 month-period.

Mentor questions

We also require that you include the answer of the following “mentors questions” in you application with a maximum of 3500 characters):

1. Why did you choose to apply to be a Mentor?

2. Describe your experience working with gender equality, democracy and good governance?

3. In your understanding, what are the strengths and challenges for local governments to work with gender equality in their local communities in your country in your understanding?

4. How do you envision that you want to work with and support the teams assigned to you?

5. How will you and your experience help the teams to implement sustainable change in their municipality/district?

6. Describe your experience working in a developmental context and the Agenda 2030.


Interested applicants should send a CV and a letter of interest including answers to the “mentor questions”:

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for a Zoom interview in December.

Deadline for the applications: 10 December 2021

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