A big thank you!

I would like to extend a big thank you from ICLD to all municipalities and regions for your strong efforts in 2021 to strengthen local democracy.

The foundation for a sustainable society lies in people’s opportunities for a life without poverty, and to be given an opportunity to shape their own future.

Democracy is basically a desire to create a society in which all citizens feel included. Inclusion is closely related to a rights perspective. A society that listens to the marginalized groups and works for those whose voices are weak. The ambition to achieve the goals in SDG can only be achieved with a strong democratic foundation.

Working for the global goals in the local context, from a democratic rights perspective, is this decade’s most important task for all municipalities and regions. It is good for the citizens locally, it is good for your country and it makes a difference for the world.

Thank you for all your commitment during the year, and we wish you a prosperous and Happy New 2022.

Johan Lilja, Secretary General ICLD