Fighting poverty with democracy

We are convinced that the battle to eliminate poverty worldwide starts here at home – in our village, our town, or our municipality. Which is why, here at ICLD, we work with people who are changing the world by building local democracy.

Apply for Women’s Political Leadership programme

If you are a local political leader in any of the OECD-DAC listed ODA-countries, a woman and most importantly, an agent of change – this programme is for you. Application is open!

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What we do

Municipal Partnership Programme

ICLD promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences between local authorities in Sweden and in partner countries.


Our networks are a form of cooperation where selected local governments receive increased support from ICLD to conduct their international projects.


Our training programmes are tailor-made for the partnerships in our networks. We also have a stand alone programme that is aimed at women political leaders from around the world


ICLD documents, analyses and disseminates knowledge in the fields of local democracy development and decentralisation.

Champions of local democracy

Become inspired by these champions.

Democratic Resilience

ICLD has launched a new network for municipal partnerships: the Network for Democratic Resilience.

Oleksandra Fedoruk, Iryna Kolkovska and Ulyana Pak

ICLD has strengthened over 1100 women leaders

ICLD has strengthened and trained 1137 female governmental officials and women political leaders 2016-2022 through our training programmes.

ICLD education material

Explore ICLD’s learning tools such as videos, cases, toolboxes and handbooks.

Local Democracy Talks

Inspired by the Swedish foreign policy initiative, “Drive for Democracy”, ICLD organises live streamed high-level political panels called “Local Democracy Talks”.

Local Democracy Labs

One question, one hour, one meeting.
ICLD Local Democracy Labs is a space for local government officers and politicians to meet researchers and have a dialogue on global challenges with a local perspective.

ICLD Alumni Talks

The main objective of the ICLD Alumni Talks is to facilitate continuous structured learning, knowledge-sharing and exchange of practical experience among teams and individuals in ICLD’s programmes across the world.