Svensk partner: Staffanstorps kommun

Town Planning and Environment in Mariental

The project “Town planning and environment in Mariental municipality” has knowledge transfer and exchange within the subject of town planning as an objective. The main ideas are first to support Mariental in their role as manager and procurer of plan work from consultants and secondly to offer a forum for knowledge exchange on the topics of urban planning and environment in general.

The project is expected to consist of meetings and communication but also the municipalities acting as “speaking-partners” for each other within the subjects at hand. The project is considered to contribute to an increased local democracy and through that poverty reduction and better living condition through aspects in the project like participation in decision making in the processes around city planning.

Results from the project are:

  • Mariental has a better and wider knowledge on town planning;
  • Mariental feel more secure as a procurer on town planning issues;
  • the town plan takes into account several problem areas considered during the project like flooding, settlements, environment etc.;
  • the plan are known to the public in Mariental.

Town Planning and Environment in Mariental Municipality

Project During the Partnership Project 2009-2010 the two Municipalities together worked with producing a “Town Planning Scheme”. During this working together period Mariental Municipality expressed their wish to also cooperate with the next “Structure Plan”. In this the Municipalities long-term and visionary goals will be described. Mariental Municipality has in their planning a lot of circumstances to consider; frequent floods, heavy growing settlements caused of growing population, a complex environmental situation (water, sewerage and waste) increased by the floods. Mariental Municipality buys the planning from en external consultant. The Mariental Municipality’s experience as purchaser is of limited extent.

The task in this part of the Partnership will for the Municipality of Staffanstorp be to assist and support Mariental as a purchaser with a view to get an excellent new Structure Plan. During the Partnership and the mutual visits will the planning staff and some of the politicians also get some education and supervision in how to work with planning.

An other important democratic part in the project is to make the planning visible for the citizens in the Municipality.

Fire brigade 2012-13

Representatives from Mariental Municipality presented (in the prestudy and in the Partnership Project) in the Coordination Committee, practical problems with their Fire Department. Five years ago the Fire Department response was transferred from the Government to the Municipalities in Namibia. No economic resources were added. During the “Fire brigade Project 2009-2010”, education- and training programmes for the fire fighters was initiated as well as prevention work to reduce fires and accidents was trained and started.

In our discussions in the Coordination Committee we have found out that Staffanstorps Municipality can support with experience and knowledge in the following ways:

  • All the firemen, present and new ones, need more education, training and practice. A good training- and education programme has to continue to develop.
  • Mariental Municipality has also big needs to introduce and develop the prevention work inventing to reduce fires and accidents. This is important for all the citizens in the Municipality.
  • The Municipality has received a new modern Fire truck from the Namibian Government. It will take a long time to get education and training from the Government. This would really erase the quality for the Fire Brigade in Mariental Municipality. The staff from the Fire Brigade in Staffanstorp has the knowledge to educate in managing and use the new vehicle.