Svensk partner: Norrköpings kommun

Norrköping and Bihac – Bosnia Herzegovina

Partnership with focus on the waste management area.

In order to minimize waste, the inhabitants need to be engaged. A municipality can build the system to make it easier for inhabitants to sort and bring their waste to different stations, but the will to take care of waste and the attitude about waste has to come from the inhabitants themselves.

During the inception, a feasibility study will be carried out, which purpose is to exchange experiences with a focus on recycling, waste minimization, circular economy and the reducing of littering. The ambition is that the feasibility study will give the partners ideas for continued collaboration in the waste and environmental area.

Norrköping and Uasin Gishu, Kenya

Project: Environment protection NORELD 2020

This project builds on the results and methods of a previous project on solid waste management. It focuses on further implementation and completion of activities aimed to increase capacity building for a County-owned waste management company and adress issues of governance and coordination structures.

Norrköping Municipality and Uasin Gishuy County have been collaborating in a partnership since 2015. This project builds on results and methods from their previous project, with the aim to implement additional parts of the project and conduct additional activities.

The immediate objectives of the project is to strengthen institutional capacity in planning, delivery, implementation and management of waste and technical including good governance. The partners will also aim to raise awareness in the need for and the benefits of sustainable solid waste management in public health, environment and economy. Through their activities they wish to enhance waste collection in the selected areas in Eldoret and improving the current situation of the Kipkenyo landfill through acquisition of waste technology

Newsreel from 2016 at the start of the previous project, which is closely related to this project

Environment protection NORELD 2016

This project proposal is a result of the Inception phase which the parties had in 2015. The municipalities have decided to apply for a continued partnership within the area of solid Waste management.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to a sustainable and cleaner environment by supporting the administration and the inhabitants to be experts in provision of sustainable solid waste management services with adequate infrastructure based on the needs of the communities through a creation of an enabling environment for stakeholder-participation.

This can be achieved by:

  • Strengthening the County’s institutional capacity in planning, delivery, management of waste and technology
  • Raising awareness in the need for and the benefits of sustainable solid waste management in public health, environment and economy.
  • Raising awareness in the need of political will to ensure that tackling solid waste is a high priority
  • Enhancing waste collection in the low-income area of Kipkaren and improving the situation of the dumpsite through acquisition of waste recycling technology

Uasin Gishu County has problems in securing land for a new dumpsite, they have looked into other alternatives and decided to engage a Norrköping based company that are experts in turning waste into electric power.