Svensk partner: Kinda kommun

Spatial planning with focus on water and energy

One of the goals for this project is to achieve a deeper knowledge about long-term sustainable development in the fields of spatial planning/district planning.

Another goal is to increase the knowledge about water- and energy issues and the relation between spatial planning and environment. In the project, knowledge about the planning process and its means will be mutually communicated. The partners expect that an increased knowledge about the project issues, will lead to a greater engagement from both parties and increase the possibilities for a successful development in Kimilili.

Expected result from the project is a spatial plan for Kimilili. When working with this, areas like decision processes, public participation, sustainability and presentation techniques will be covered.

Områdesplanering med fokus på vatten- och energifrågor – del 2

Kinda and Kimilili Municipalities have had a co-operation since 2006. During the years 2009 to 2011 the parties ran a project about Spatial Planning focused on Water and Energy. There is an important connection between spatial planning and environmental issues. We now apply for funds to be able to continue the work.

During the years 2012 and 2013 we will run a project aimed to increase the knowledge about sustainable development and that spatial planning is important in that development. We will engage different lecturers and specialists and study good practical examples. The project is also based upon the parties contribute actively.

The measurable goals for the project is to have increased the water protection at one water source in Kimilili, to have constructed a more efficient fireplace, to have continued the work for solar cell-driven street lights and to have increased the knowledge about environmental issues and spatial planning.

Unga Framåt

The project “Youths forward” wants to:

  • increase the knowledge about human rights and strengthen young people to get involved in the democratic process so that their influence and status increase in society
  • build lasting relationships, increase integration between young people from different groups and thus counteract prejudice and racism
  • prevent sexual health problems and drug addiction
  • create opportunities for independence and self-sufficiency and in long-term poverty reduction.

We want to start a youth center in Kimilili, free from drugs, alcohol and violence, for 15-25 year olds. There must also be a “youth clinic” in connection with the youth house. The project goal is to create a creative, safe and social environment for young people in their leisure time and offer young people a place where they can develop social interaction and foster their own creativity and mental development. There is currently a proposed building that could be used as a youth center.