Svensk partner: Härryda kommun

Härryda and Homa Bay, Kenya

Project: Young people’s influence and choice of working life and education

Structures in both municipalities will be created in order to give the pupils better ’decision competence’ and knowledge about working life, job demands and entrepreneurship. Many young people in both municipalities are lacking a sense of empowerment to influence their future. 

In HomaBay many students do not pass or carry out secondary education, either due to poor grades, child labor, early marriages, lack of finance or orphanages. Many are therefore leaving schools without much opportunities at obtaining a job and some don’t even go to school. In Härryda, many young people dream of working with jobs that either are hard to obtain or live on. At the same time there is a great need for jobs, in both municipalities that needs vocational training e.g. mechanics, ICT, carpentry, metal skills, fashion design. There is also a great potential in both municipalities for starting new businesses within various fields. 

The project will focus on building structures within the municipalities in order to empower young people to be able to make better decisions so that more young people can choose education and a career that suits them better and obtain a job, or start a sustainable business that they can live on.

Equal Opportunities

To work with/for civil rights is one of the basic principles for a democratic development of the society and is relevant irrespective of economic and cultural context. In the project we will work with issues that affect people with disabilities.

We believe that both municipalities will be able to develop the democratic processes or/and the general work with people with disabilities. We will study each other’s way of working and stimulate dialogues and discussions with the focus on the civil rights.

The aim is also that the project shall stimulate people from different groups such as politicians, municipally employed, people that work with people with disabilities and others to continue to discuss issues such as democratic influence and civil rights in the future.

The right to influence for children and youth

The project ‘The right to influence for children and youth’ aims to improve the knowledge of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and to engage more young people in local democratic work in both participating municipalities.

The project will primarily focus on working with young people aged 13-18 in certain schools and staff connected to them, although Homabay will also have some focus on working with the influence of small children (pre-school age).

The purpose of the project is to improve structures within the municipalities so that more young people will engage in the local democracy work, including school influence and learn about CRC. Within the project new methods of working with young people on these issues will be developed.

The methods that prove successful will be taken aboard and help forming new structures within the municipalities in order to improve the knowledge of CRC and the young people’s participation in the local democracy work and school influence. As the municipalities Homabay and Härryda both have their strengths and weaknesses within this field, they have a lot to learn from each other and can inspire each and become more successful.