Svensk partner: Eslövs Kommun

Environment Behaviour

The project’s overall objective is to strengthen the capacity of Lugazi Town Council to involve citizens in decision making processes and hence strengthen the confidence and trust between the two groups.

The project will provide methods and tools to work with citizens towards the set goals but also to work with its own administration and politicians.

Expected results:

  • A concrete process to be implemented in the project designed and stakeholders.
  • An educational intervention on environment preservation and methodology to be implemented in Lugazi Town Councils and to teachers (active in Namengo).
  • A training effort has to be established in Lugazi Town Councils, teachers (working in Namengo) for environmental education and methodology.
  • School children in Namengo to have knowledge of how and why one should sort the waste.
  • An invention of current waste management in Namengo to be made in conjunction with selected groups of women from the Namengo ward.
  • An action plan for changing behavior regarding waste management, with the target group women in Namengo to be established.

Sustainable Waste Management

The capacity to handle waste according to the demands stated in the environment legislation act by Uganda which has to be implemented within the organization of Lugazi Town Council.

The aim of the project:

  • an analysis of the landfill in Lugazi to be completed with regard to leachate management and environmental hazardous contents;
  • a workshop on what environmental legislation in Uganda says in relation to what Lugazi Town Council delivers to be implemented with officials and politicians from Lugazi Town Council;
  • an action plan based on the workshop to be designed;
  • a waste management plan to be started.