Holistic understanding of development goals in Härnösand

With the goal to learn about project planning, ICLDs core areas and the thematic priorities of Sida, eight municipal partnerships from six different countries gathered in Härnösand 18-20 september. The training course was well received by the participants. Several of the attendees expressed that the course ‘connects the dots’ regarding how to plan and conduct a successful project that ICLD will appreciate.

06 Oktober

Oppression and exploitation reasons behind migration

Before we invest in fixing a problem shouldn’t we try to understand its causes?
Jesse Ribot and his team of scientists and researchers say climate stress is not the main reason that young men and women are fleeing Africa.
“The people we are working with in the Sahelian zone are oppressed and exploited. They are victims of an economy and political environment that systematically takes away any profits they generate – leaving them continuously destitute”, he says.

08 September

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Holistic understanding of development goals in Härnösand

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Apply for the new round of the International Training Programme - "Municipal Financing Supporting Local Development and Local Democracy"

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Call for National Mentors - Inclusive Political Leadership Programme

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22 new international partnerships for local democracy

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KC – Öjendal, J & Sedara, K (2011) Real Democratization in Cambodia? An Empirical Review of the Potential of a Decentralization Reform