Municipal partnership

Achieve the global goals through municipal partnerships

International training programmes

In 2019, ICLD trained and strengthened 250 politicians and civil servants through international training programmes.


Our research is linked to an advisory group of renowned Swedish and international researchers

Three ways to change the world. How can you get involved?

Fighting poverty with democracy

We are convinced that the battle to eliminate poverty worldwide starts here at home – in our village, our town, or our municipality. Which is why, here at ICLD, we work with people who are changing the world by building local democracy. Our operations are based on a handful of fundamental principles.


Internships at ICLD

Internships at ICLD

Are you interested in local democracy, international development or human rights? Apply for an internship at the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy! Apply through…
Six million SEK to research on local democracy

Six million SEK to research on local democracy

ICLD has approved six new research proposals for funding. The research projects, all of which will investigate questions especially relevant to supporting democratic participation at…