Experiences on inclusion of refugees in Uganda shared in Almedalen

Refugees bring challenges to the cities, but they also bring possibilities.
During a seminar in Almedalen, ICLD focused on the role of cities as frontrunners for the democratic inclusion of refugees.
“The most important aspect is to accept the refugees as a part of us, a part of humanity, as brothers and sisters”, says Joseph Ssenyonga, City Council Member, Makindye Division, Kampala, Uganda.

24 Juli

Almedalen: basic needs before democratic work

One of the issues that will be addressed during the ICLD seminar in Almedalen is, “How do we create inclusive cities for all?”
A pretty big question with no straightforward answers, but Susanne Hedlund, Refugee Coordinator in Botkyrka Municipality, has identified an important starting point:
“Housing is really important. You need something of your own to come home to before you can get to grips with the other aspects of your life,” says Susanne.

16 Juni

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